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Pet Sitting

Pet sitting, also known as pet minding or home visits, is a positive alternative to boarding kennels. This is a great option if you own multiple pets as we don't charge any extra fees for additional animals. They stay in the comfort of their home, surrounded by familiar sights and sounds. Each day while you are away we will visit your home to feed and play and /or walk your pets where they will remain in their safe environment. Your pets will follow their regular diet and exercise routine, exactly as specified by you.

In addition to all standard pet care duties and at no extra cost, we offer poop scoop or litter tray clean, rubbish bins out/in, mail & newspaper collection, plant watering, internal lights on/off, curtains opening and closing etc. We will also email you regularly with updates and photos. We require a minimum of one pet visit per day for all pets to make sure they have everything they need and are not showing any signs of illness.

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