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Dog Walking

Dog walking is vital to provide your dog with exercise, fresh air, opportunity to explore and of course, to relieve themselves. It also helps to reduce destructive behaviour and obesity. At Coastal Pet Services we understand that your hectic schedule may not allow you to take your dog(s) for a walk as often as you would like to. And you probably feel terribly guilty too. We can help!

We follow the routine that you have already established for your dog(s) and offer individual walks to maximize the exercise and dog-to-walker bonding. While out there having fun, we only use reward based training techniques to reinforce good manners. With your permission, all treats are on us! We never stray from our main priority of maintaining the safety and happiness of your furry loved one. We are happy to feed your dog or accommodate other requests at no charge during our visits.

The walks are conducted in your neighbourhood, local parks or at the beach. We practice good walk etiquette, always scoop poop and use biodegradable bags.

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