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Other Services

Pet taxi - we can transport your pet to or from your groomer, vet or day care. Our car is air conditioned, water is readily available and your pet is always appropriately restrained, either in a travel crate or with a seat belt, depending on what your pet is more comfortable with.

Puppy playtime - getting a puppy is very exciting, but they need a lot of attention and socialisation. If left at home with no supervision, they get into mischief. Our playtime will be filled with fun activities for your pup's whirlwind of energy. We can also introduce some basic training, always according to your instructions.

In addition, we could also help you if you need your pets taken care of while you are hosting a party or any other event, you have an open or routine inspection, or auction perhaps. We can also step in at the last minute if you unexpectedly have to stay at work a bit longer. Do you have contractors at home and your pets are in their way? We can help too. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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